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The Go-Betweens — Oceans Apart

The shortest distance between two points is under construction.” - Noelie Altito
We always did feel the same, we just saw it from a different point of view.” - Bob Dylan

Gobes Oceans cover

“Oceans Apart” is the ninth album by the Go-Betweens. Ask Robert Forster why, and he appears to consider the question for the first time. “That’s a Grant title,” he shrugs. “It could mean something about our personalities, or the time we’ve spent moving around the world. Or it could be the name of a bar ‘round the corner from the recording studio. Take your pick.”

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The Jezabels — Prisoner


Jezabels Prisoner cover

Revelation is part of the Jezabels' art. Three EPs have led us this far. The Man Is Dead. She's So Hard. Dark Storm. Strange jewels dropped along their winding path to who knows where, each more lustrous than the last.

Did you see how they caught the light? Hurt Me broke the US charts, made iTunes' single of the week. Easy To Love and Mace Spray were indie radio staples; Dark Storm an iTunes #1. AIR and APRA nominations were lavished for records and songwriting

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Augie March — Moo, You Bloody Choir

It's making me sick and I know it’s making you sick,
There's nothing there it's like eating air,
It's like drinking gin with nothing else in…"

It's never easy to pinpoint exactly where Augie March are coming from, but it's abundantly clear where they're not. They're a band apart from the nowhere music that's everywhere and maybe a century or two removed from the desperate bang and chatter of the vapid pop/ rock zeitgeist.

Augie March cover

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Don Walker — Cutting Back


"Mostly, to my surprise, this album’s about people who have found some happiness for a little while. And there's a few songs about not being able to get that together and running short of time."

Don Walker cover

In between the illicit drag racing thrill of his Cold Chisel rocker "Yakuza Girls" and the baleful piano blues of "At The Piccolo Bar", chances are you know some of the people Don Walker means.

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The Church — Uninvited, Like the Clouds

The Church cover

Ladies, gentlemen, enthusiasts, detractors, obsessive collectors, curious novices… several facts were employed in the making of this Church record. Some are herewith assembled in good faith. But as ever in this perpetual labyrinth of sound and imagination, the truth is likely to remain unperceived.

This intriguing state of suspension should be familiar to those who have followed this band’s remarkable journey from Sydney 1980 to their current, peerless and stateless location best described as Sometime, Anywhere.

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Tom E Lewis — Beneath the Sun

"Here's a good one," says Tom. "You'll love this one, marrkap," and he's laughing already in that gravelly, slightly wicked way.

This story is about the day he's playing golf in Melbourne with Paul Hester, the late Crowded House drummer. "You know that little club there in Elsternwick? That one, yeah?"

Anyway, the phone rings and it's the mayor of St Kilda. "Tom," says the mayor, "you're running with the torch."

"What torch, sir? Is it dark now?"

"The Olympic torch, you silly bugger! You got to represent St Kilda."

Tom E cover

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