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Bren Duffy

Kicking Cars

Bren Duffy is a Melbourne singer-songwriter with a velvet voice of untold experience and a keen eye for the small joys and tragedies of the modern suburban catastrophe.

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His debut album, Kicking Cars, produced by Michael Dwyer and featuring a coterie of the finest musicians from Preston/ Coburg and beyond, is out now.

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Son of Starman

A suburban rock odyssey

Son of Starman is a novel about a mild mannered 17-year-old boy in the fast lane to rock stardom who comes to believe he's channelling the father he never knew.

Marty Young was an enigmatic 1980s rock casualty whose cataclysmic rise and fall is explored in a parallel narrative as our young hero follows in his footsteps 30 years later.

Dude, it's totally a cosmic mystery about delusion and destiny and how one becomes the other in the blinding light of rock'n'roll dreams.

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The Thin White Ukes

Bowie restrung

Hallo, spaceboy! The Thin White Ukes are the world's first ukulele/ harmony tribute to the shape-shifting prince of art-pop.

From Major Tom to Ziggy Stardust; Golden Years to Ashes to Ashes, rock's most radically ch-ch-changeable songbook is ripped up and restrung for deftly fingered ukes and ethereal three-part harmony.

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